Coming in 2019:

Two books for people who want to experience more friendship and authentic connection in their lives

Better than Small Talk:

The conversation starters

Since 2015, the Better than Small Talk conversation-starter cards have been helping people build community and have better conversations.

Strangers, friends, families, and coworkers have formed more authentic connections with each other and transformed the way they relate, think about each other and see the world. All it takes is the courage to ask a new question.

With this handy little book of conversation starters in your bag, you’ll always have plenty of fabulous ideas to get a really wonderful conversation going.

The Good Friend Zone:

What it takes to form deep friendship and true community as an adult

For years I’ve been talking to adults about their experience of friendship and community, and the challenges they face with establishing or maintaining both. My research led me to discover that adults ranging from post-college-age (roughly 22-24) well into their 70s have faced challenges forming deep friendships during adulthood. And they rarely talk to anyone about it.

Many of us have felt this type of “platonic longing” before. Or maybe still do.

This book is for anyone who has ever known the quiet ache of wanting a better experience of friendship as an adult. This book is also for anyone who truly craves to know others, and to be known by others, and who is willing to take a chance at forming the kinds of connections that fill life with meaning.

Because everyone deserves to have really good friends.

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