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Resources for people who want to experience more friendship and authentic connection in their lives

Better than Small Talk

The conversation starters

Since 2015, the Better than Small Talk conversation-starter cards have been helping people build community and have better conversations. With these conversation starters in your bag, you’ll always have plenty of fabulous ideas to get a really wonderful conversation going.

Strangers, friends, families, and coworkers have formed more authentic connections and transformed the way they relate to each other and see the world. All it takes is the courage to ask a new question.

Coming in early 2019

In the meantime, a free gift:

The Conversation Invitation
Are you really tired of repetitive small talk but not sure how to escape it? Transform lackluster conversations with The Conversation Invitation. You can start using it right away to gracefully cut off small talk at the pass and bring more depth and meaning to all of your interactions so you can have the kinds of conversations that really matter.
(PDF, 1.3MB)

Platonic Longing & True Belonging

an exploration of adult friendship

Over the last several years, I’ve spent a lot of time talking to people about their experience of friendship as adults. I wanted to understand the challenges they face with establishing and maintaining friendship during adulthood.

I started these conversations here in the Bay Area because I thought there was something uniquely challenging about this place. But it’s not just a Bay Area thing. A lot of adults face challenges with forming and maintaining deep friendship during adulthood, regardless of state or zip code.

Many people are wishing for a better experience of friendship, and their quiet desperation doesn’t even have a name. I call it platonic longing, and a great many of us have felt it before. Or we still do. So what do we do about it?

This book is for anyone who has ever known the quiet ache of wishing for a better experience of friendship during adulthood. It’s also for anyone wanting to better understand what leads to this experience, and who wants strategies and inspiration for how to make it better.

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